Lederhosen, dirndl dresses and UPIs

Quick closing comments on our first trip to Munich…

It is amazing how lederhosen and dirndl dresses look normal when the majority of the people in the city are dressed in this traditional garb. At times, I felt out-of-place wearing jeans and t-shirt but I wasn’t about to drop several hundred Euros on a dress and a pair of shoes that I would likely only wear once.

As far as I understand, lederhosen are typically never washed and a single pair will last you a lifetime, given no drastic weight changes. All around, a good investment. We witnessed both men and women wearing lederhosen. Men would wear them in the traditional knee-length style and women would wear them in the Daisy Duke style. My personal opinion is this: Lederhosen should be worn by men only and Daisy Duke should not influence the traditional style. In fact, Daisy Duke should not influence any style, in any country, at any time.

I think Peter’s colleague summed it up best when she said, “Wearing a dirndl makes you feel so good. I don’t know how to explain it. You put it on and suddenly you have boobies.”

My first impression of dirndls was that I didn’t like the look of them but by the end of the trip, I didn’t mind them at all (and secretly wanted one). They come in all styles and patterns, some better than others. The most interesting one I saw was a wedding dress version worn by a bride during her wedding reception at Brunnwart. It wouldn’t be my first choice for a wedding dress but it was entertaining to see Peter’s female colleagues drool over the beauty of the wedding dress dirndl.

Finally, I noticed today that I have several UPIs (unidentified partying injuries).

I have several dime-sized bruises on various parts of my legs and arms like the one above. I wish I could report more on their creation, however, they are unidentified, so I can’t.

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