Self-cleaning public toilettes

Paris has amazing public toilets. First, they are free. Second, they are huge. Third, they self-clean after every use. The fact that they are self-cleaning is the reason why I decided to dedicate an entire post to putting these toilets on the pedestal they deserve.

There is an instruction panel on the side of the toilette cubicle. It cites the basic rules including but not limited to: no smoking and no unattended children under the age of 10. The instruction panel also has the toilette statuses (vacant, out of order, occupied, sanitizing) with the current status illuminated.

Below is a really poor photo of the instruction panel with the current status of vacant. Simply press the button to open the toilette cubicle door, do your business, and exit when finished. The cleaning cycle automatically begins after you exit. It is amazing. It washes the toilet, sink, walls, and God knows what else. The floor is grated and all the water drains into a central drain along with any debris.

These toilets are by far, the most amazing toilets I have ever seen. Kudos to Paris for awesome public toilettes!

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