Prague Castle

On our final day in Prague, Peter and I decided to visit Pražský hrad (aka Prague Castle). It is the world’s largest castle according to the Guinness Book of World Records. In my opinion, it dwarfs Windsor Castle (which is enormous).

The giant Gothic structure in the upper left-hand corner is the St. Vitus Cathedral which is located within the castle grounds. I do not fancy the cathedral’s style of architecture.

Prague castle is different from other castles I have visited because the buildings have a stucco-type exterior instead of raw blocks of stone. It feels warm and inviting instead of cold and depressing. The buildings are painted in pretty pastel colors and the castle is very well-kept.

Due to time constraints, Peter and I were not able to take the tour but we were able to walk freely around the castle grounds where I snapped a couple of photos.

And then our trip to Prague was over and I was sad.

We loved Prague. Old Town is beautiful, people are polite (e.g. stepping out of the doorway of the train to allow people to alight), and restaurants were good (mmm goulash).

We dined on all sorts of genres of food: French, Italian, and Czech. I was a fan of the cinnamon twists sold by street vendors. Not the best pairing with beer but still tasty.

I liked the creative workarounds of the city like this one which allows strollers/push-chairs to get up and down the stairs more easily.

If it were possible to visit Prague again for the first time, I’d do less “official” tourist things and more meandering around the city. I’d stroll around the parks and sit at a table outside and people watch. I’d drink a beer here and a mojito there. I’d eat goulash here and cinnamon twists there. I’d do this all day long for as long as it took to get my fill of Prague which could potentially last forever.

Peace out Prague! I will return!

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