London 2012 Olympics

Olympic tickets are like gold paper

I collected our Olympic tickets in London today. What a chore that was.

My thought process regarding ticket collection was flawed. I thought I would avoid long lines by collecting our tickets during the day when everyone else was at work. This was idiotic thinking because we purchased our tickets through CoSport, which is an Olympic ticket provider for the United States and a few other countries. Therefore, everyone collecting tickets were from countries other than the UK and were in London on vacation and absolutely NOT working.

I waited in line for three hours and was thankful that it was only three hours. The line was exponentially longer when I left than it was when I first arrived. I was also thankful that it was warm and didn’t rain.

I have reconciled our Olympic tickets to our purchase confirmation no less than six times. It’s a paranoia that I cannot explain. The tickets are like gold paper. I would be devastated if I lost them.

I’m excited as hell for our first event on Sunday which is tennis at Wimbledon. Mother Nature, please behave your damn self.

Also, were you aware that London 2012 had a mascot? How about two mascots? Neither was I. Until recently when I spotted a statue of one of them in Maidenhead town centre.

Wenlock and Mandeville are London 2012’s two mascots and I can’t help but agree with others’ and say that they look like giant penises. Wenlock’s bracelets are the five Olympic rings. Cool.

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