Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, see you soon!

Here ye, here ye.

Peter and I have decided to travel to Jordan. Jordan is a small and almost-landlocked country surrounded by Syria, Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and a small sliver of the Gulf of Aqaba (which leads to the Red Sea which leads to the Gulf of Aden which leads to the Arabian Sea which leads to the Indian Ocean which sort of leads to Australia and Australia has always been our end goal, so this all makes perfect sense).

For the geographically challenged:

With such a long list of somewhat unstable countries bordering Jordan, you may be asking yourself why we have chosen to visit Jordan and to that I ask, “Why not?”

Jordan is a known for being a safe country with extremely tasty food and very friendly and warm people. The current king is married to a strikingly beautiful Kuwaiti named Queen Raina who is a New York Times Best Seller and has worked for Citibank and Apple and who is known to make “a mean chocolate chip cookie.” She’s also a keen runner which I’d like to think is because she can make a mean chocolate chip cookie.

I am excited to visit Jordan not only because I love chocolate chip cookies but also because Petra has been on my travel wish list for a very long time. Jordan’s geographical location has always been out of my comfort zone but I read this quote from Neale Donald Walsh, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and it’s true. So now I must step outside of my comfort zone.

3 comments on “Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, see you soon!

  1. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” VERY cool quote, but scary as he**!

  2. Cheers ! Going to Jordon! This will be fabulous. I posted that same quote a while back… It’s one of my favorites…. Because it is so true!

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