Expat Learnings

Things I’ve learned as an American expat in the UKoGBaNI #13


Rolling cigarettes and hanging laundry to outside to dry are normal activities.

In the US, rolling cigarettes and hanging laundry outside to dry are two activities you just don’t see often and, I believe, would also be considered lower class by many people. In Europe, these activities are normal and expected.

I personally despise hanging laundry outside or inside. The clothes tumble dryer is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

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3 comments on “Things I’ve learned as an American expat in the UKoGBaNI #13

  1. I think Jill considered rolling her own cigs…

  2. Nope, too much work, but I do have a number of relatives in Swanville that do and also hang laundry outside to dry so Camie’s assessment of these behaviors being ‘low-class’ is pretty much spot on, ha!

    • I’m not sure this is my entirely my assessment. I think it’s a general view of many Americanos.

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