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Things I’ve learned as an American expat in the UKoGBaNI #26


US celebrities appear in an insane number of commercials.

Prior to moving abroad, I’d always heard the rumors that US celebrities earn a good percentage of their income from doing commercials abroad. I can confirm that this is true. George Clooney endorses Nespresso, Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses comparethemarket.com (an online insurance premium comparison tool), and Kevin Bacon endorses EE which is a mobile phone carrier.

The “celebrity” who has the most endorsement deals abroad is, by far, Nicole Scherzinger. Never heard of her? Well, she was the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. Today she’s best known for her on-and-off relationship with Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton and having served as a judge on the X Factor UK. I have no idea how this chick not only got one but multiple endorsement deals because she is a terrible “actress”!

Here is Nicole’s completely uncomfortable Herbal Essences advert. Perhaps this advert also aired in the US since the over voice is a North American speaker.

Here is one of Nicole’s many adverts for Muller which is a yogurt company.

Here’s yet another Muller advert starring Nicole:

Nicole also is a spokeswoman for Proactiv+. Unfortunately, the advert is no longer available online but I can tell you that it was not possible for her to read off a prompter and sound natural.

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2 comments on “Things I’ve learned as an American expat in the UKoGBaNI #26

  1. This is a perfect example of one of your recent, previous blogs…that first clip you have posted here is not “available in my country.”

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