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Things I’ve learned as an American expat in the UKoGBaNI #44


Pizzas outside of the US are most often served un-sliced.

It didn’t take long for Peter and I realize that the US is the odd man out when it comes to pizza presentation. In the US, when you order a pizza, it will be served sliced because we are a lazy society full of conveniences.

When you order pizza abroad, it will [most likely] be served un-sliced and you will be left to your own skills to butcher the shit out of the pizza with your knife and fork. It’s a terrible way to eat a pizza, especially with plasticware. (The pizza was absolutely delightful.)

The bottle cap on my pizza is a long story, too long for this post but all you need to know is that shortly after this photo was taken, my friend Jessi fell down the stairs in this pizza shop on her way to the loo and then acted like nothing happened.

With almost everything, there are exceptions to the pizza un-sliced/sliced logic. For example, the big US pizza chains abroad serve pizza sliced and whilst living in London, we found one UK-based pizza chain which not only served their pizzas sliced but they were damn proud of it!

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