I created this blog to hopefully make a living off of it one day. Just kidding. It is basically impossible to make a living off of a blog. All those article you read about quitting your job and blogging about your travels in order to earn money to continue traveling are rubbish.

I earn $0 from this blog. In fact, I pay for this blog. I pay to make this blog ad-free (you’re welcome!). I pay to have this blog hosted in the mystical clouds. I pay for extra storage because of all of the photos in this blog. I pay for the fancy blog template and custom URL.

So for reals, this blog is the travel-only blog offshoot of an expat blog I created in 2011 to keep my friends, family, and many strangers around the world abreast of my life abroad. Since I no longer live abroad, it was time to retire my beloved expat blog but not time to retire from blogging altogether. Peter and I travel to too many cool places and I want to keep sharing and inspiring people to travel.