London 2012 Olympics


With the Olympics comes various events. Lots and lots of events. Lots of events that aren’t marketed well or at all. I take that back. These events are probably advertised in the newspaper because paper media is still the rage in this country.

Since I haven’t touched a newspaper since the invention of the Internet, I am not privy to newspaper advertising and therefore, I am not aware of all the events surrounding the Olympics.

For example, I recently found out about an event called “The REAL RELAY”. It is an attempt to follow the entire route of the official Olympic Torch in one continuous, non-stop journey, running every step of the way (unlike the official relay where the torch is, at times, transported by bus).

The REAL RELAY started ten days behind the official Olympic Torch and is scheduled to arrive at Olympic Park on July 22, five days before the opening ceremony. The route is divided into ~10-mile legs and runners are expected to run at a 10-minute (or less) mile pace. The course is run 24-hours a day, rain, shine, and darkness with no support crew.

Had I known about The REAL RELAY weeks ago, I would have volunteered Peter to run it because he’s the runner in this family.

P.S. It’s raining but the Olympics will soon be here!

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