London 2012 Olympics

Windsor Castle lights up in rowing images

It’s Monday and this past Saturday was a day dedicated to rowing. We kicked off the day by going to the Olympic rowing session at Eton Dorney and then we went to Windsor in the evening to view Windsor Castle which was lit up in rowing images to celebrate the 2012 Olympic rowing events.

Three of the towers along the High Street were illuminated with a “movie” of rowing images. I expected a lot of people but it was actually quite calm. It was a mix of the usual hen parties, drunk lads and tourists.

I struggle with nighttime photographs so the images do not do the display justice because it was pretty cool.

On the Olympic tap this week are the following sessions:

  • Tuesday: Beach volleyball semi-finals (day and evening sessions)
  • Wednesday: Recover from hangover on couch
  • Thursday: Diving and visit Olympic Park
  • Friday: Recover from hangover on couch
  • Saturday: Women’s basketball (gold/silver final)
  • Sunday: Men’s indoor volleyball (gold/silver final)

Stay tuned!

1 comment on “Windsor Castle lights up in rowing images

  1. Very exciting week!!! It's very fun to read about!! I can't stop using exclamation points!!! Help!!!

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