26 countries in two words

A strong storm passed through Seattle on Sunday. It knocked out power and other “vital” services like cable and internet. After many hours of watching short video clips on our phones and gazing into each other’s eyes, I decided we should play a game.

The game was called “What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear a country’s name?”

I found a piece of paper and divided it into three columns: Camie, Country, Peter.

I wrote the names of the 26 countries we’d traveled to while living in the United Kingdom. I then filled out my column with the first word that came to mind for every country on the list.

I then quizzed Peter and wrote down his answers in his column.

Here were the results.

2 comments on “26 countries in two words

  1. Friendly and green.. I like it! 😋

  2. OK, now do that again, but get drunk first. :-)

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